Environmental Statement

I want to reduce the impact my business makes on the environment and work in sustainable ways.

I have worked with Achieving Greenness to audit my environmental impact. I are fully committed to improving my impact by continuing to reduce the waste I create, learning more, challenging what I do and how I do it, and to make changes as necessary, to make a difference wherever possible.


I believe that every small change adds up. As I learn new things, and make further changes, I’ll update this list.

  • I aim to be a paperless office. I do not print unnecessarily. Where possible I opt to receive and send electronic communication instead of paper. If paper is received, once it is handled and is no longer needed, it is recycled.
  • The nature of my business sometimes requires printing for the purpose of proofing or matching colours etc. This is only done after due consideration and is avoided as much as possible.
  • I choose to use the recommended, branded, replacement toners and inks for our printers. I believe this is a better alternative to cheaper, generic, compatible consumables. The approved consumables ensure warranties can be honoured (and thus permitting repairs rather than replacement). In my experience, the machines last longer (reducing the need to replace equipment).
  • Printer consumables are sent back to the manufacture as part of their own recycling scheme, or taken to a recycling point specifically for that product.
  • When equipment does require replacing it is disposed of responsibly using the e-waste collection points at my local recycling centre, or use a recycling or repurposing scheme.
  • Where possible, in-person meetings, off-site visits and co-working time is scheduled to allow use of an electric car, rather than an ICE vehicle. I may also choose to use public train services to get to some venues.
  • If an electrical item (like my amazing pencil sharpener!) is battery powered I use Eneloop rechargeable batteries.
  • When I source print solutions for my clients I make every effort to provide sustainable, environmentally responsible printing solutions for them.
  • I continue to build relationships with print suppliers who are looking to reduce their environmental impact and have a focus to find sustainable solutions within the print industry.
  • My current utilities supplier is Octopus Energy. They supply 100% renewable electricity and ensure that any carbon involved in the production of gas used will be offset.

I am not perfect and am still learning. Please get in touch if I slip up and am not living up to the standards I have set out above, or if you want to suggest other areas of sustainability I could learn about and make changes to improve. Please contact me at: [email protected]


These are some of the people and programmes that have helped me and where you can learn more about sustainability and the impact we can all make:

Achieving Greenness
Sustainability Basics by Small Business Britain
Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd
The Green Marketing Academy